Opdatering af AMP

Apr 13, 2020

Har opdateret AMP til den seneste version og tester nu stabilitet og funktionalitet.

Alle "MC-Servere" er også opdateret til den seneste AMP.

FOSSIL serveren er ikke opdateret til seneste forge-server, men kører stadigvæk den understøttede version til pågældende fossil plugin.

Alle Paper Spigot servere skulle være opdateret til seneste version.

AMP ‘Lapetus’ Enterprise RC Release Notes
Release is mostly a bugfix and a refinement release that improves some of the installation process on Windows, along

Release is mostly a bugfix and a refinement release that improves some of the installation process on Windows, along with improvements to the FTP support and some changes to service handling on Windows for Factorio and srcds.


  • Tollerate same IP address showing up multiple times in IP selection sources.
  • Selection sources now accomodate IEnumerable, List in addition to dictionaries.
  • Added a 'Restart Instance' button on Linux (requires latest ampinstmgr package and systemd unit!)


  • Now tollerates "UTF-8" locale names as well as utf8 and has some flair for the AMP user on new installations.


  • Updated provisioning logic so it no longer tries to use the same port twice when creating instances outside of the normal port ranges.
  • Fixed 'Start Instance' not working on newly created instances.
  • [GUI] 'Create as service' and 'start on boot' selected by default for ADS installations. Now prevents multiple instance being created, shows a more helpful messasge when you try and create subsequent instances.
  • [GUI] Waits 5s when showing first time browser to give AMP a moment to start up (Chrome waits, other browsers don't)

Module/Plugin Changes

  • [ADS] No longer keeps running GetUpdates if websockets are enabled when connected to ADS instances.
  • [ARK] Filter out unnecessary messages from the console (previously disabled).
  • [Factorio] No longer users AMPCA on Windows.
  • [FirewallManager] Now manually tracks firewall usage on FirewallD system to work around lack of a comment field. Allows firewall sync on CentOS.
  • [FileManager] Fixed FTP session issues causing null reference exceptions.
  • [Generic] Now supports adding Environment variables
  • [LocalFileBackup] Added schedule events for backup started and backup failed.
  • [LocalFileBackup] Added an item to backup manifests to show whether or not a backup was created automatically.
  • [Minecraft] Paper updater no longer falls over if no version is selected, defaults to latest.
  • [Minecraft] Fixed plugins not showing as deleted once removed (the files were deleted, but the manifest entry wasn't)
  • [srcds] No longer uses AMPCA on Windows.

Build is a minor set of tweaks over Mondays release, notable is improvements to FTP behaviour that among other things fixes compatibility with WinSCP which is why this release is so early.

  • [AMPCore] Minor style/colouration tweaks. Filters are pre-baked to improve performance when hardware acceleration isn't available in the browser.
  • [FileManager] Fixed WinSCP not being able to get directory listings due to unexpected parameter.
  • [FileManager] Updated FTP server library to properly handle MODE UTF8 command.
  • [FileManager] Fixed some bad permission nodes stopping the UI from showing up on non-superuser accounts.
  • [AIM Core] Fixed a casing issue in ampinstmgr user check.

Main fixes in this release are FTP login issues for non-ADS instances, and startup in the Factorio module.

Due to API changes, this release is not backwards/forwards compatible with 1.9.8.x or older.


  • Setting selection sources can now be dictionaries, allows for different name/values in drop downs more easily. Used to show network interface in

Instance Manager

  • [Core] Provisioning can now account for network requirements of AMP plugins as well as modules. Only applies to new instances.
  • [Core] Extended wait timeout for clean shutdowns to 20s
  • [Core] Docker mode allows swap file usage when memory policy is 'restrict'
  • [CLI] Ampinstmgr now supports 'view' command on Windows.

Generic Module

  • Add support for updating via executable/script
  • Add AppPort3 as an extra usable port.
  • Fixed RCON sending not functioning due to bad task invocation.

GetAMP Installer

  • Updated package requirements for srcds.
  • Performs additional sanity checks on startup.
  • Added support for Ubuntu 20.04 (Note: HTTPS autoconfig does not yet work due to issue in Ubuntu pacakge)

File Manager

  • Renamed from FileManager to FileManagerPlugin. Configs auto-update.
  • Added additional network metadata for FTP server ports.
  • Added a refresh button to the main listing view.
  • Fixed FTP logins not working when using a remote auth server.

Module/Plugin Changes

  • [All Modules] Fixed bad use of srdin in some places where it's not supported.
  • [BackupPlugin] Gives more log output explaining why it refused to start a backup.
  • [BackupPlugin] Clarified deletion mode descriptions.
  • [EmailSender] Renamed from EmailSender to EmailSenderPlugin. Configs auto-update.
  • [Factorio] Fixed startup and path handling.
  • [Factorio] Sensitive settings (username, password) are now stored using AMPs secure settings store.
  • [Minecraft] Handle situations where Bungee reports a successful start then immediately dies.
  • [Minecraft] Improved Spigot error messages to make clearer what should be done.
  • [SrcdsModule] Now tollerates missing endpoints for new users as they connect.
  • [SrcdsModule] Allow Beta version to be specified via UI.
  • [WebRequestPlugin] Added 'Post to Slack' task.
  • [RustModule] Fixed RCON disconnect when invoking StopApplication.
  • [RustModule] Added lib64 to LDLIBRARYPATH

Edit: 13 Apr. 2020: Vi har nu købt en ny professionel license til serveren! Det er nu muligt at lave servere til alle spil understøttet af AMP, såsom Source, CS:GO, Garry's Mod, ARK og ARMA III.

Flemming Frederiksen


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